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Ball Chains

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Colorful ball chains with fasteners for creative craft projects or for fastening all kinds on things around the house and office. 

  • 100 chains per package.
  • Made in the USA from durable steel and either enamel coated or metal plated.
  • 4.5 inches (11.5 cm) long. Gold chain is 5" long. Ball size #3, (2.4 mm).
  • All but gold and gun metal chains stick to magnets.
  • Connector included and attached at one end.

The balls chains make versatile fasteners for light items. Make a longer chain by connecting as many as you need. Check out our Pinterest board for fun ball chain craft ideas. Please contact us if you need larger quantities than is available in the webshop!

Ball Chain Fun Facts

Ball chains, sometimes also call bead chains, were invented by William G Gagnom. He filed his patent application on October 18, 1916. Ball chains are versatile and are used in applications from industrial settings to jewelry depending on size and material. You might know them pulls for lamps and ceiling fans. We think they are perfect fasteners for our safety reflectors because they let the tags dangle nicely form zipper pulls on jackets and backpacks.



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