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Stylish and fun Halloween safety reflectors help drivers see your kids.

funflector® Halloween reflectors are are top rated for STYLE & SAFETY and a cool alternative to reflective tape! They are made in USA with 3M Scotchlite to help drivers see your kids.

Did you know that twice as many kids get killed in traffic on Halloween than on any other night? Visibility is key to Halloween safety and a couple of good quality safety reflectors increase visibility to about 500 feet. funflector® safety reflectors are EN13356 compliant and even the black reflectors are ultra bright!

Halloween Safety Tips

Safety on Halloween is a huge deal, but did you know that cars (drivers) are the number ONE danger for trick-or-treating kids on Halloween. Here is what you need to know for a safe and fun Halloween. After all, the scary part of Halloween should not take place in the emergency room... It is better to be seen than sorry!

Look Cool and Be seen! 

You have all heard about reflective tape on Halloween costumes and you have probably got the eyerolls from your kids about it. We've sided with your kids on this topic; we also think reflective tape is pretty uncool. But we've sided with you too and think your kids should bee safe and seen on Halloween! That's why we created funflector safety reflectors! 

Even the black funflector reflectors are ultra bright and can be seen from over 500 feet. There is no need for bright orange or fluorescent yellow on a black grim reaper or witch costume, when you can wear a black cat or skull and crossbones instead.

How to Attach Safety Reflectors on Halloween Costumes

Use the ball chain to attach the reflector to button holes, eyelets, straps etc. On Halloween costumes, the reflectors can temporarily be attached with a safety pin. Put the safety pin on the chain to allow the reflector to dangle freely. The chain can also be attached with duct tape to accessories like candy buckets, swords, wands or brooms. 



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