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Soccer Ball

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Soccer Ball Safety Reflector

  • Get to and from soccer games and practice safely with soccer ball reflectors dangling from bags, backpacks or jackets. Parking-lots around stadiums can be dark and dangerous and reflectors help drivers watch out for you.
  • Good pedestrian reflectors are a must-have for kids, teens and adults when walking, running or bicycling in the city, suburbs or along countryside roads at dusk, at night and early mornings.
  • The flexible/soft and lightweight reflective tag is 2 x 2 inches (52 mm diameter) and made with 3M Scotchlite reflective material on both sides. The reflector is EN13356 compliant.
  • Please note that the reflectors REFLECT but do not glow in the dark. The drivers will see them much brighter than the person wearing them. To see it for yourself, take a picture of your reflector from at least 10 feet away with the flash ON. This works outdoors from dusk to dawn or indoors without direct sunlight.

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