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Particle Zoo

Particle Zoo Elementary Particle Safety Reflectors

When Particle Zookeeper Julie Peasley discovered that elementary particles had their own personalities, she began creating plushies of subatomic particles, blending her artistic skills with her love of cosmology, the quantum world and theoretical physics. Many thousands of particle plushies later, Julie teamed up with funflector to create subatomic particle safety reflectors. We are thrilled to offer them as the perfect gift for physicists, scientists and geeks whose safety you care for!

Meet and greet the newest member: The Gravitational Wave! Scroll down for products and more info!

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Particle Zoo Subatomic Particle Reflectors in cooperation with funflector

The positively charged PROTON and the neutral NEUTRON, are building block of atomic nuclei. Along with electrons, protons and neutrons are what make up you and me! The PHOTON is the massless wave-particle, bearer of light. Moving at the speed of light, photons make safety reflectors work!
The HIGGS PARTICLE was discovered in 2013, 50 years after its prediction to provide an explanation for the origins of mass. 
In the early universe, DARK MATTER was evenly distributed but the passage of time has left its mark and gravity has pulled it into clumps and empty spaces. Scientists have still not figured out exactly what dark matter is! Albert Einstein predicted the existence of GRAVITATIONAL WAVES already in 1916. It took experimentalists 100 years to figure out how to measure, build the apparatus and actually detect gravitational waves.

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