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Water Is Life

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Water is Life Safety Reflectors

Water is Life! The water crisis in Flint, MI, and numerous leaking pipelines have taught us what devastating effects polluted water can have on people's health and well being.

The Great Lakes are the world's largest fresh water reservoir and government funding for protective projects are threatened to be obliterated. 

Get some water protection safety reflectors to support advocacy and protection work that is needed to safeguard our precious water sources from exploitation, pollution and mistreatment.

  • Price includes a $4 donation to the Sierra Club and/or NRDC.
  • Includes 2 printed heart and 2 printed oval safety reflectors.
  • The oval safety reflectors are printed with "Water is Life" on front and "The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives" (a native American proverb) on back.
  • The heart safety reflectors are printed with "Water is Life" on front and the backside has the same blue wave pattern as on the front.
  • Drawing shows the two sides of each of the 4 safety reflectors.
  • Each reflectors has a navy blue ball chain for attachment and is individually wrapped with instructions for use.
  • Made in the USA (Libertyville, IL) by a women owned business.
  • 3M Scotchlite on both sides and EN13356 compliant.

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