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Funflector FAQ

Web Shop  -  Where do you ship from?

We ship from the Chicago area in the USA, to be precise, from Libertyville IL 60048. 

Web Shop  -  Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide except to the United Kingdom. If you live in an area where deliveries are unreliable, we recommend buying shipping with insurance.

Web Shop  -  How much are taxes & shipping?

See details about shipping and taxes here >

Web Shop  -  How can I pay in the funflector webshop? 

When you order from our webshop, you can choose to check out with

    • A credit card. We take: VISA, Master Card, Amex (American Express), Discover, Diner’s Club and JCB.
    • Apple Pay and/or Google Pay
    • Your account.
    • Your paypal account.
    • New 2020 isFour Logo, which allows to buy now and pay later in  interest free payments. On orders above $35.00. More info >

Web Shop  -  Is your payment system secure?

Shopify ( handles all credit cards payments for us and they are Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 256-bit SSL certificates to keep order details secure. We do not see your credit card number and thus do not store it.

If you choose to check out with your or PayPal account, those organizations will handle the transaction and forward the amount to us. We do not see any of your account details except email and shipping address.

Web Shop  -  Can I return the products?

Yes, you can return the products, no questions asked. If we have made a mistake we will pay for the return shipping. Please notify us within 10 days of receiving your order. Please see our return policy for further details.

Web Shop  -  Can I order wholesale in the webshop?

The webshop is designed and intended for consumers who want  to buy for themselves and for their loved ones. Retail and other organizations who plan to purchase more than a few and take advantage of wholesale rates, are welcome to contact us to establish a wholesale account.

World Wide - Where else can I shop for funflector safety reflectors?

USA (you are here!)

Austria / Österreich


Germany / Deutschland

United Kingdom ( Paused because of Brexit from Dec 26, 2020 until further notice.

* Ships to all European countries.

Other Countries
Please contact us if you are interested in becoming the importer and distributor of funflector safety reflectors in your country!

Product  -  My safety reflector does not glow in the dark, what’s wrong?

Nothing is wrong. It’s “reflective”, not “glow-in-the-dark”, and there is a big difference!

Glow-in-the-dark products make light on their own, and have a built-in energy source. It can be a battery or a chemical reaction (like in glow sticks that you need to “pop” before they light up). Eventually they run out of power and stop emitting light.  Glow-in-the-dark products often emit light in all directions and light up the nearby surrounding.

Reflective (or more correct “retro-reflective”) means reflecting light back to where the light came from. If you shine a flash light on a pedestrian reflector (or a reflective road sign) the reflector bounces the light back to the flash light. The closer you hold the flash light to your eyes, the brighter the reflector appear.  We like to put the backend of the flash light on our noses and aim the other end at the reflector to simulate a driver with the car head lights. Reflectors work with any kind of light source – flash light, car light, sun light, even candle light – as long as the reflective material is clean and NOT broken, scratched or painted over.

The difference between EN13356 safety reflectors and glow in the dark products

Product  -  My safety reflector is not as bright as I thought, what’s wrong?

Drivers see it very differently than you. When you wear it, a driver with normal headlights can see it from over 500 feet because the reflector reflects the light back to where it came from, which is to the car and the driver. That’s why you don’t see it yourself when you wear it.

Here are a few ways to test it:

  1. Hang the reflector somewhere (preferably outside at dusk or when it’s dark) and take a photo with flash ON (a smartphone works great). See how far back you can go and still see it on the photo.
  2. Hang the reflector up along the road (for example in a bush or on a stick) and drive by. Make sure the reflector is facing the car or can dangle freely.
  3. Take a flash light and hold it close to your eyes (preferably hold it right in front of your nose, as if you are Pinocchio). Shine the flash light on the reflector, which should be at least 10 feet away. If it is dark enough (like dusk or darker) you will see the reflector turning bright white.

Product  -  What is the back of the reflector like?

The funflector tags have the same effective 3M Scotchlite material on the back as on the front. When the reflectors dangle, they reflect equally well from both sides.

The funflector wrap has a suede like back to make it more comfortable on bare wrists and ankles. It also keeps it from sliding when wrapped around a sleeve or pant leg.

Product  -  Why don’t you use a stronger chain?

The chains are intentionally not too strong. In case you get stuck, the chain is supposed to break before you get hurt or your jacket is ripped. After all, a reflector is cheaper to replace than a torn jacket or backpack zipper.
Please contact us if your chain broke and you need to replace it.

Product  -  How do I take care of my funflector® reflector?

When a safety reflector becomes damaged, scratched or dirty, it looses its reflecting power. Clean a dirty reflector with a damp cloth. Replace a damaged one. For maximum lifetime, store dark and cool when not in use.

Product  -  Can I recycle the reflector?

Yes, please recycle when it has reached end-of-life!

Reflective tags recycles as vinyl.
The outer part of slap bracelets as vinyl, also the suede like layer.
Chains and interior of slap bracelets as metal.
Labels as paper.
Clear bags as grocery bags.
If your local recycler doesn’t take the vinyl, please send it back to us and we will make sure it stays out of landfills!

How-to  -  How do I use funflector® tags?

funflector reflector tags come with a short ball chain to hang on jacket and backpack zipper pulls and on purses, bags, strollers, wheelchairs or dog collars. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Use two or more reflectors. To increase visibility from several directions you can hang them them front and back (for example on jacket and backpack) or left and right (on pocket zipper pulls).
  • Hang them low. That’s where cars’ head lights shine the strongest.
  • Let them dangle. The dangling creates a flickering light to the driver, which draws attention.
  • Please check out these blog posts for more information on how to use our pedestrian safety reflectors!
Where to hang and how to use safety reflectors by funflector

How to  -  Where is the best place to put funflector® wrap?

The funflector® reflective slap bracelet makes great reflective gear for people on the go like runners, bicyclists, skateboarders, rollerbladers etc. The safety reflector can be worn around the wrist or around the ankle. We recommend the ankle as it gives you better visibility because

  • it is lower down where the car head lights are brighter
  • it gives you pretty good visibility from all directions unless you wear a long skirt or carry bags in your hands that hang low down. If you wear it around your wrist, drivers won’t notice you from behind when you pick up your phone to text!
  • Especially when you run, your ankles move more than your wrists and motion draws attention.

When not in use, we suggest you wrap the bracelet around the strap of your purse, bag or backpack to always have it on hand when you are out and about and it gets dark before you get home.

Where to use reflective slap bracelets

Safety  -  How much do reflectors improve my visibility?

Without reflectors, a driver can se a pedestrian at night at from about 100 feet. With good quality reflectors, the visibility increases to up to 500 feet. Look for the EN13356 mark to ensure adequate reflective power.  A smaller sized reflector or one made with inferior reflective material (read cheaper) may not increase visibility as much.

Under ideal conditions (dry weather and along dark empty road without distractions) , we have measured the funflector® reflectors to be visible from 600+ feet.

Safety  -  We are not out in the dark, why do we need reflectors?

Can you imagine how hard it is to see a polar bear in a snow storm? Seeing a pedestrian with dark clothes at night along or crossing a road is equally difficult for a driver. As Anthony Foxx, former U.S. Secretary of Transportation put it: “Everyone is a pedestrian” when we step out of our cars. You never know when you’ll have to park further away than planned or you end up running errands in the dark.

funflector® reflectors are stylish accessories that add a personal touch to jackets and bags also in day light. Let a couple of fun, pedestrian reflectors dangle from your clothes and bags. That will help drivers see you well ahead of reaching you!

Safety  -  What is EN13356?

In the US, ANSI standards specify the reflective and conspicuous power of reflective work wear for road workers, first responders etc, but for reflective accessories, there is no standard to lean on to know if we are doing our job or not to manufacture effective pedestrian reflectors.

The European EN13356 for “Visility Accessories for non-professional use” has instead become the defacto world standard, used everywhere from the Far East to the Americas. It specifies minimum size and minimum reflective power at different angles. Read more about the EN13356 mark here>.

The higher the quality of the reflective material, the smaller the reflective tag can be and still have enough reflective power. For the smallest allowed size, only a few manufacturers make reflective material that is powerful enough and 3M is one of them. The three little triangles on the reflective material tell you that they are made from 3M™ Scotchlite™.



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