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Reflective Purse Charm "Earth" - funflector1

Reflective Purse Charm "Earth"

  • $ 1299

Earth - For the nature-loving woman who cherishes the abundant gifts of the earth. This brown sparkling charm looks fabulous on a brown leather purse and signals comfort, simplicity, loyalty and friendliness.
  • Glass, brass and copper pendant, brown pedestrian reflector, (2-1/4" diameter) and 8" ball chain for a grown-up look.
  • Handmade jewelry to add a sparkle to any purse. A personal way to be bright when it's dark.
  • Scandinavian design. Made in USA.
  • 3M Scotchlite material on both front and back. EN 13356 compliant
  • 7 out of 10 pedestrian accidents occur at night, often because drivers did not see the pedestrian. Reflectors improves nighttime pedestrian visibility.

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