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Stylish safety reflectors for walking, running and biking.
Styles and colors for kids, teens and adults.
Starting at $4.99. 

In the US, 7 out of 10 pedestrian accidents happen when it’s dark.
Funflector® is North America’s premier brand of stylish and fun-to-wear safety reflectors for walking, biking and running. Hang the safety reflectors on zipper pulls of jackets and backpacks and on bags, purses, strollers, wheelchairs and dog leashes.

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Welcome to the funflector® Web Shop!

We specialize in ultra bright pedestrian safety reflectors that look great, cool, cute, elegant and are fun to wear! Reflectors like ours have saved lives for a long time in the Scandinavian countries. With the increased interest in everyday walking in North America, safety reflectors are very much needed, but who wants reflective tape on their office outfit. Which school kids voluntarily wear safety vests while waiting for the school bus on early fall and winter mornings? No-one that we know! We assume that you are here because you and your loved ones want to be visible at night without looking like traffic cones. You are definitely in the right place! We want to give you a fashionable option to reflective tape and neon colored high-visibility gear. We are of course laser focused on safety but are passionate about combining safety with great designs for everyone in the family.

For our European and Canadian Customers

We ship worldwide (details here). However, for cheaper shipping and faster delivery to 26 European countries, please check out or Likewise, for Canada, check out and 

Safety Reflectors with Style

All our reflectors are made with 3M Schotchlite Reflective material and we always add color under the reflective layer not to take away any reflective power. That way, the black reflectors, which, by the way, look awesome on black leather and dark clothes and bags, are as bright as the lighter colored ones. The reflective material is soft and lightweight so it does not clonk when dangling on backpacks, bags, jackets, wheelchairs or strollers. The reflective tags are about 2x2 inch (5x5 cm) and attach easily with short ball chains in matching colors. The reflective slap bracelets wrap around ankles and wrists, and fit snugly wether on bare skin or over pants and jackets.

Take a look at all the fun safety reflectors in our shop! >

Halloween Reflectors

The biggest danger to kids on Halloween is cars. The fatal accidents on Halloween  result of cars hitting trick-or treating kids double compared to any other night of the year. Reflectors help drivers see you kids, just make sure you get the best and brightest ones. As with most products, you get what you pay for and saving a dollar or two on cheap reflectors might cost your kid his or her life :( . Funflector reflectors conform to the European standard EN13356 and are made with 3M Scotchlite, one of the best reflective materials on the market. Use several reflectors to improve visibility from all directions and let them dangle. Check out the Halloween reflector page!



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